How to Store and Carry Your Hanalei River SUP

Most people want to store and carry their hanalei river SUP in order to paddle and move to various locations. With some SUPs, you will have the options and advantages to transport them anywhere by your vehicles.

You don’t even need big vehicle to transport the hanalei river SUP. you can simply store it in the trunk of your vehicle, assuming you’ve chosen friendly sized SUP. Some SUPs (inflatable ones) are even storable in the backpack and you can carry around without any difficulty.


Depending on the size of your trunk, you may be able to store few boards in one place, along with their accessories. Storing your SUP in the trunk can be an easy way to get ready on board anywhere you go.


If your trunk can’t capacite the current SUP, consider placing them on the roof rack. Take a note that this will only work if you have roof rack. Perhaps you have certain question regarding the safety and the possibility in doing this. Well, the answer is obviously YES. You can store and carry the hanalei river SUP on the roof rack safely. First thing to do is to wrap your SUP with tarpaulins or thick clothes to add protection to both SUP and your vehicle. The second thing, don’t forget to tie them. Also consider to add pipe insulation to provide more protection.

You can find pipe insulation easily from hardware stores or home improvement stores. Simply attach them to the roof rack of your card and then tie the board down on top of the pipe. That ensures that your vehicle will have a better grip to prevent the SUP from scratching.


If you have no roof rack, don’t worry. There are still things that you can do to store the hanalei river SUP properly.


Consider adding foam blocks as temporary roof rack for your vehicle. They are easily found in any home improvement store. Not to mention that they are easy to attach and organize with nylon straps. Although they are not as durable as roof rack, they make a good alternative if you just spend some days in Hanalei.


The other way that works is to use inflatable roof rack. If by chance you don’t bring it with you, you should be able to find it in most stores in Hanalei. The inflatable roof rack can be inflated and deflated whenever you want it. Although it is not as durable as roof rack, it indeed gives you tons of benefits. One of them is the ability to deflate and store it when you are traveling.

Make sure you have secured the front and the back end of the hanalei river SUP so that you can carry it with peace of mind. Consider these tips to enhance your experience. Have a good day!


Fitness Advantages of Stand Up Paddle Kauai

The stand up paddle kauai has been very popular water sport types in Hawaii not only because the excitement that it promotes, but also the health advantages for every doer. The locals have been doing this for years as the perfect means to stay healthy. Many who are not interested in surfing can do this as a great alternative.

By conducting stand up paddle kauai, you will be able to enjoy the water and attain some health benefits from the exercise. Gone are the days where people had no idea about enjoying paddle boarding while standing. Now stand up paddle kauai has become more and more prevalent for both visitors and locals. This can be the reason for you to spend more time in Kauai with your friends or family.

Many have considered it as beneficial as swimming. That means stand up paddle kauai can grant you decent overall workout. You will make every part of your body work to get the perfect balance and strength in order to beat the water and control your SUP.


The excitement and challenge level will depend on the spot that you choose to do the activity. The more waves in the spot, the more intense your workout will be. If you decide to choose spot with quiet water, then it won’t be too intense for you.


It is not exaggerating that stand up paddle kauai can be a great core workout. Many trainers have considered infusing this into the workout regime because of good reason. The underlying fact is that the doers will use every muscle of the body to maximize the SUP experience.


Well, for the most important part, you must be able to maintain the balance. To attain perfect balance, your legs will work so hard. The result is obvious, you will have stronger muscles if you do this routinely.


The other good thing about stand up paddle kauai is that it is a low impact exercise, compared to surfing, diving, and swimming. Considering the nature of water in Kauai, you may want to try less invasive sport activities in which your kids are able to join too. Well, there is no better than stand up paddle kauai.

The SUP is incredibly friendly for those who have experienced knee and hip pain. It is very possible to burn more calories without sacrificing our joints and physic in the process. It is also very clear that stand up paddle kauai is very beneficial for overall fitness of the doers.


Not all individuals are convinced to purchase SUP for health purposes. If you are one of them, you can rent it. Not to mention that there is SUP for everyone in your party. So, what are you waiting for?





How to Work With SUP Paddle Properly

If you are new to paddleboarding in hawaii, then there’ll be the first challenging time that you will spent for a while. There is no need to paddle everyday to get excel in SUPport, but you may experience to wrongly paddle the board. Sometimes, we often overlook the angle of the blade direction so that it hinders the movement of the SUP.


You may not see it as a mistake but you will have quite arguments when you talk with the instructors. If you have not yet hold your paddle correctly, you are not alone. In fact, there are many people who have the same problem with you. Learning how to work with SUP paddle properly does not merely indicate that you are total beginner, but that means you will be able to go faster and more stable.


Here are some tips to consider.

Get the Right Posture

Most of the beginners are a little bit groggy. You will need to find the right posture to make you feel comfortable and confident when paddling. Stand straight but don’t get too stiff. Stance with your legs open as wide as the shoulder width. Slightly bend your knees to preserve the balance. Be careful not to bend over your lower back or shoulder. It is okay to bend your neck a little but maintain your balance. Discuss the posture with your friends or instructor until you get it right.

Positions of Your Hand


When paddleboarding in hawaii, the positions of your hand also affects the success of paddling. It is actually simple to position your hand. One hand needs to have a good grip on top of the paddle. Meanwhile, the other hand will need to have a good grip on the shaft. The rule is simple. You will switch your grips when you switch the paddling sides.


The Length of the Paddle


To get the paddleboarding in hawaii works, you need to choose the right paddle in term of length. If your paddle is not long enough or too long for you, you may consider to swap your paddles with your friends’ or family members’. But the best way to do this is to purchase the adjustable paddle so that everyone can use it.


In order to make your way paddleboarding in hawaii, you need to have a good paddle. Need the right paddle? Check out our website or contact our customer service for questions or inquiry.




How to Do SUP Kauai Safely





What you plan to do this summer? If you are beachgoers, you should definitely try sup kauai, which stands for stand up paddleboarding Kauai. From where you are reading right now, you probably don’t see this as a new thing since it is similar to surfing. However, it is a great alternative for those who do not like aggressive waves. New paddlers can learn how to paddle very quickly and easily. It is undeniable that it is one of the most fascinating activities to be conducted by many parties. But as important as the fun factors, you should also consider the safety factors. Consider these before getting on board.


Learn the Basic

Though for some people they can learn it by doing it, some folks need to learn to paddle and swim for safety measure. In fact, this is the very first thing that you need to consider when trying something new in Kauai. Just like any other sport, it has risks. Falling from your board is inevitable. That’s why you need to be able to swim in different styles to stay safe.

Befriended with the nature

Though sup kauai is less risky than surfing, you still need to know the condition of the weather and water. Paddlers need to know the local weather before paddleboarding. Don’t hesitate to ask the local tour agent to for the most updated weather information. You can consider few factors like the currents, winds, riptides, floods, etc. Kauai river is popularly known as quiet one. But if it gets strong wind, paddling can be a bit dangerous.

Don’t do It alone

If it is your first time, don’t do this alone. Although there is no obligation about how many people can do it at the same time, it is always better to do this in group. Not only that you will be helped when you have difficulties, but also you will have a lot of fun. After all, even lone traveler needs someone to share the experience.

Make a Plan

No matter how spontaneous you are, a good experience is visualized with a good plan. Make sure you prepare everything to enhance your  experience. Don’t forget to carry important items like bottled water, sunscreen, etc. Also plan for the route. Make sure that you and your group have backup plan so that you will won’t be stunned when something comes up.


The importance of PFD


Don’t forget to get a PFD – personal flotation device to prevent anything bad from happening.


That’s it. When your safety is guaranteed, fun is also guaranteed.







Hanalei Paddle Board Yoga


The Hanalei paddle board has been a very interesting way to enjoy Hanalei holiday with family. It is a fun activity which gives you tons of benefits. One of the benefits is to combine it with yoga. If you like yoga, you can practice yoga poses while on the Hanalei paddle board. Is that even possible? You may ask that question. The fact is that now it becomes more prevalent to yoga doers in Hanalei. And you can do it too of course.


This is the opportunity to get some new interesting exercises on the SUP. The moment we wrote about this, SUP yoga is one of the most popular activities in Hanalei. This fame has spread around Hawaii.Floating calmly on the water while practicing yoga, who doesn’t want to experience such soothing experience?


Nowadays, the Yoga hanalei paddle board programs are conducted in Hanalei. So you will find it very easy. It is very possible for you to find your zen on the water. If you have done SUP before, it will be pretty much easier to bring yoga on the water. First things first, you just need to bring along the board with long deck pad. Most models also can be combined with a yoga mat to center yourself and conduct some basic yoga poses. There are even some SUP which comes with yoga mat. The yoga-specific boards are now sold in Hawaii, and there’s a chance you can rent them also.


You will love the SUP session with a soothing yoga experience. Combining the two activities with great poses will enhance your holiday experience in Hanalei. First you will notice the difference between doing yoga on the solid surface and on the liquid surface. Then you will soon realise that good control and balance is the key.

The good hanalei paddle board providers will let you know how to get the right board and make sure that the board will be comfortable to use. The best measurement of board for yoga is around 10 feet long and 32 inches wide. Supporting the purposes of the yoga, the design is merely flat and has extended traction pad. But som models also have full-length traction pad to give some space of the doers.

Hanalei is a perfect area to do your yoga hanalei paddle board. It has ample amount of peaceful spot wherein you can spend the time without any disturbances. If you have no idea about where to do the yoga paddle board, ask hanalei paddle board for advices. We will gladly help you.





Fishing Paddle Board Rental Kauai







If you are planning to paddle board rental kauai, you may wonder what kind of activities that you can do while paddling. What if we told you that the new way to enjoy paddle board rental kauai is by fishing on the board? Whether you are a fishing expert or want to try something different, fishing on the paddle board will give you unique and interesting experience.

Rentals paddleboard Kauai

Because of the increasing demands of this odd activity, now you can rent a paddle board which is ready to fish. Most of the models are well-equipped with rod holders attachment, bait trays, fish finders, and many other accessories as you wish. Perhaps you have been used to do boat fishing. With this new way of fishing, you will surely find new interesting to share with your family and friends.

Rentals paddleboard Kauai

paddle board rental kauai is very lightweight and compact. It is easy to transport and carry the board around. You just need to look for the right board, and you are good to go. It also provides flexibility and speed that you need to pinpoint the location of fishing and reaching some strategic spots to get your catch of the day.


Most recent paddle board is equipped with fish finder which you can use to find the fish beneath the water. Plus, the board is more agile than kayaks. It will speed up the fishing process. When you fishing on the paddle board, you will have much wider vision than kayaking. You will have better visual of the prey swimming around your board.


Paddle boards are more silent than kayaks and boats. It does make sense since they don’t use any engine to move. You can disassemble your existence so that your catch won’t realize your presence. They won’t scare away with your commencing.


Before you get involved with the paddle board rental kauai and fishing, you will need to choose the right board. There are actually some paddle boards out there. When you compare one to another, each has pros and cons. You may want to check their reviews in advance before renting them. Make sure you discuss it with the rental owner. Let them know that you are planning to paddle board rental kauai fishing so that they will recommend the right board for you. Ask them what kind of accessories that they provide. Don’t hesitate to utter some specific requirements to enhance your fishing experience. So, contact your paddle board rental kauai provider now, and get everyone on board!






Why Should You Try Sup Tour?



If you haven’t tried sup tour before, you’ll be surprised when finding out that it is an interesting activity for you and your family. SUP – standup paddle boarding is currently more popular than conventional water activities in Hanalei. While folks are still familiar with kayaking and canoeing, sup tour is better if you plan to enjoy the scenery and views of hanalei. Besides, the sport is very ideal for everyone in your family. Even kids are allowed to use the stand up paddle board individually. So, why should you try sup tour? Here are the reasons why.


It is simple and easy

The sup tour is undeniably simple and easy to learn. It does not require much time just like you experienced in snorkeling or diving. All you need to mind is to prepare the equipment and good posture of yours. Before boarding, you will need to check the paddle, proper equipment, and sun protection. You may be a beginner, but you will learn this quickly. In addition, you can always find a good rental in Hanalei which staff is ready to help you with the quick lessons.

Rentals SUP Kauai

Friendly Exercise

Need to burn some calories while you are in Hanalei? The sup tour can be great choice for you. It is a great way to lose weight. If you do paddle boarding constantly in an hour, you will be able to burn up to 400-1000 depending on your gender and metabolic rate. It is also known as sport which strengthens legs, abs, and hands. It is friendly because it does not involve rigorous regimes. In fact, now many people have combined it with advanced yoga exercises. With a little practice, you can do it too.

Improve Your Balance

It is undeniable that people who have tried SUP claimed that they have better balance. Well, it does make sense. When you do this regularly, you will steadily focus and concentrate. This will train your balance, rhythm, and posture. It explains a lot about the benefits granted by the doers when we look at SUP doers at Hanalei. They have firm posture.



Not Risky

Thanks to the quiet river of Hanalei, you won’t need to deal with naughty waves. The flat waters are also safe mediums for kids. Plus, the bonuses are the bays, views, flora and fauna around you. This can be a great activity for all family. You will also have peace of mind since you can supervise your kids while having fun.


It is fun and better way to relax on the water. Next time you visit Hanalei, why not try this one?



How to Choose SUP Kauai


With the commencing of many brands and models on the market, it can be a bit daunting to find the best sup kauai.

Paddleboards also come in many type. Surfing paddle boards are specifically designed for riding waves. They can be noticed easily when looking at their narrower, shorter, and lighter form. They are designed in such way to make the users easier to make some maneuvers and turns. Surfing paddle boards are recommended to be used in surfing zone.  

If you are not planning to surf and ride the waves, then you need to consider choosing multipurpose or recreational stand up paddle boards. These are specially built for recreational purposes. Most of the beginners are recommended to use these boards. They are bigger in size and volume. These are designed in such ways to provide more stability.


The multipurpose and recreational sup kauai units are the perfect choice if you are planning to get on board and enjoy the flat water on lakes or riding outside the surfing zone. The other type of sup kauai that you can consider is touring boards. They are very great choice for beginners. The models are perfect if it is your first time in riding the SUP and you will mostly conquer the flat water.

Other important factor when choosing sup kauai is the width of the board. The board width is the key of your stability. Standard width of SUP is 36” wide in order to capacitate various body types. Wider SUPs are the best choice for larger riders or anyone who needs decent stability. The other consideration is the length of the SUP. For beginners, it is always safe to choose one which has 10’ to 12’ long board.


The only way to get the best sup kauai in your side is to do a lot of research. But you can save your time since you can find the best SUp to rent in our place. Paddle Board Kauai offers high quality rentals as well as comprehensive guides for beginners. You will be able to get on the boards and try our boards without any hassle.


We have professional staffs who are ready to help you with the board lessons. They will help you to make the right decision to have a nice time cruising on the flat water in Kauai river. We’d like to recommend you to take the benefits of our experts now and start boarding with your friends or family.




Paddle Board Rental Kauai Overview


If you haven’t heard about paddle board rental kauai, then you have one interesting thing that you miss when visiting Kauai. SUP or paddle boarding in Kauai is indeed a bit new water activity introduced by the locals. But it has been trending for these past five years.

Actually it has been introduced long time ago. Folks in Kauai has done this for decades. So it is not exaggerating that paddling the board has come down to one of the most favorited water sports activities in Kauai.

Standup paddleboarding may not yet be your favorite since you haven’t tried it. But look at this video and tell us what you think.



Standup paddle boarding is basically has the same concept with other board sports. And you can see this much in Hawaii. In Hawaii, it is also known as “Hoe he’e nalu” by the locals. It is a very old-fashioned boards in Kauai. But recently, it has become more popular to all travellers. If you want to try interesting water sport without having to hone high-end skills, then this one is for you.


Paddle board may seems odd for some folks because it is the combination of surfing and canoeing. Back then, Laird hamilton introduce the paddle board against the waves in Hawaii. As the time goes by, the function of SUP has evolved. Now it is not only about surfing. You can use standup paddle boarding for any occasion.

For instance, a quiet water lake is popular spot to paddle board rental kauai.


To get started, you can visit the paddle board rental kauai and choose the most affordable board. FYI, you need to spend a thousand bucks (minimum) to purchase a decent paddle board. So, renting is a great idea if you just spend few days in Kauai.


Just like many other sports, you can also follow few lessons before getting your board onto the water. The initial lessons are important to make you ready to hit the spot. The staff in paddle board rental kauai consists of experts and will give you complete guides from the most basic knowledge to the practices. The paddle board rental kauai manufactures the boards independently. So, you will always get the best paddle board for you.


There is absolutely no harm when using the paddle board although it is your first time. The paddle board rental kauai will take care of everything for you.






Paddle Boarding in Kauai Tips



The paddle boarding in kauai has been growing trend in water sports. Now you will add one more thing to your “things-to-do” list since everyone can be involved in this activity. More and more people are into it on daily basis. If you are new to paddleboarding in kauai, then make sure you start renting your equipment from the trusted paddle board rental provider. A decent paddle board can cost around two thousand bucks. So renting paddle boarding in kauai will be a great idea for you and your family.

Once you have gotten your equipment, it is perfect time to get in the water. For beginners, don’t forget to bring your flotation device for safety measure. When you are about to start your paddle boarding activity, it is wise to find the lake that is clear of obstructions. When you are working out with the paddle boards to the water, consider these:


  1. Put your feet onto the end of the board with the top part facing your body
  2. Place your paddle nearby your feet so that you can easily reach it
  3. Grip the rails while you walk to the middle of the board
  4. Balance the board, then squat down and grab your paddle
  5. Carry the paddle and use it when needed


When you reach the water, it is the right time to climb onto your paddle. Decide how deep you want to go. If you are nervous, go into shallower water first.Balance the paddle board first. The ideal balance is when your board tail or nose is not dipping into the water.


When you do this in the first time, you may ask your friend to come along to help you balancing the paddle board. You know, paddle boarding in kauai requires practice at first. But rest assured that you will master the skill in no time.

There are few things need to be considered:


  • To preserve the balance of the paddle board, keep your feet parallel
  • Make sure to have the right and firm posture
  • Keep your feet inside rails
  • When you fall, stay away from the board so you don’t crash it
  • Learn how to make use of forward momentum since it is the key to accelerate your paddle board


Considering the current of the river in Hanalei, using the tips above will surely make your SUP experience more fun and enjoyable. Now get out there and invite everyone on board!