Procure Navigation without A GPS



Is it possible not to use any GPS in your stand up paddle board trips with your group? The answer is YES and NO. It is possible if you know how to boat navigate without the GPS. As we know, some people in your group might be interested in enjoying the natural thrill when they explore the river and sea without the sophisticated technology.

Why SUP Racing – Here Are the Convincing Reasons



The stand up paddleboard trips popularity keeps increasing from time to time, and there is no way to stop it. People who flock Kauai on an annual basis see this as a great way to spend the quality time together with family and friends. It is indeed a sport which everyone can do to make fun and be happy.

Make SUP As Your Effective Workout





SUP can be fun or serious or can be both of them. Getting fit with SUP is always possible when you think about many activities related to this. If you have free time, you can do a thing or two with you SUP board routinely. With the rent a paddleboard, it will open you to the opportunities to attain full body workout.

Before Renting One, You Need to Know the Shapes of Your Board





When exploring the SUP options in the paddle boarding rentals shop, you will want to know which board is the most suitable for you and your group members. Two shapes are standard in the market. The form of the board can determine how you are going to use the SUP board on the Kauai water.

The Intriguing Reasons Why You Should Take Your Kids Paddle Boarding with You





Perhaps you have visited Kauai many times, and your kids missed to do the paddle boarding. Well, it is not surprising since you might think that paddle boarding is an adult thing. But you know what it is not the case. The fact is that rent a paddle board is a very great option for everyone regardless of their gender and age.

Hard SUP or Inflatable SUP?



When it comes to kauai stand up paddle board, there’s been a long debate between the hard SUP fans and ISUP fans. It might be the first consideration that you will think for a long time when you rent SUP board for you and your group. Before deciding, you could come across this valuable information that will probably help you to determine what board you pick.

Protect Your Joints when Paddle Boarding Kauai




For some people, the paddle boarding kauai can be a demanding activity for the physic. Well, we know what they said about SUP that it was a low impact sport. However, it can have top challenges when you SUP surf to beat the waves.

Of course, when you improve your game, you will also need to strengthen your physic.