Are You Noticing Damaged Hair After SUP Surf?




When you do sup kauai on the beach, you’ll know that you spend the most of your time in the ocean. Hair care is the pivotal aspect to consider because it will be exposed to the salt water all the time.

As we know, saltwater is a great medium for those who want more challenging experience in the SUP activity. It is definitely the form of excitement. But it can be unforgiving for your hair. the ocean comes with the beachy waves, it also has every factor to harm your hair. Cutting time on the water might not be a good solution for you. What if you can handle the hair things and keep SUP surfing? Take a look at these tips and use them when you are SUP surfing on the Kauai beach.

Freshwater rinsing is a routine thing you need to do every time you head out. It will prevent the software from evaporating and leaving the salt which can damage your hair. So, every time you come out from the beach, use the public shower to rinse your hair with the freshwater. Of course, that’s the point why the public shower is placed near the beach.

The key to managing your hair is to maintain its normal moisture level. So, a good conditioner is a must to maintain your healthy hair. Adding the leave-in conditioner to the routine will keep your hair healthier and give it extra protection.  Apply the conditioner before you go on your beach SUP session.

Many locals use coconut oil to protect their hair. Well, you can do the same as well. It is good for everything. This can restore the damaged hair. Massage your hair with the coconut oil, and then wash your hair with quality shampoo.

Have you heard about the egg hair treatment? It is the next alternative that you can try. it is a home remedy which encourages you to find the ingredients easily from your kitchen. For a recipe, you just need 1 egg, 1 tbsp of honey, and plain yogurt. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Then you can apply the mixture to a clean and damp hair. Of course, you need to wash your hair first. Cover your hair which has the mixture on it with the shower cap for 30 minutes or an hour. Then you can rinse with lukewarm water. Eggs contain good protein which your hair needs to rejuvenate. So, it can be an incredible recipe to apply if you SUP at the beach often.  

Try all these tips when sup kauai and you will be fine.