Before Renting One, You Need to Know the Shapes of Your Board





When exploring the SUP options in the paddle boarding rentals shop, you will want to know which board is the most suitable for you and your group members. Two shapes are standard in the market. The form of the board can determine how you are going to use the SUP board on the Kauai water.

The first familiar shape of the board is the All Around or rounded nose. The second one is Touring or pointed nose. The shape will determine the lifestyle and needs of the users. At certain points, All Around can be better than Touring shape, or it can work vice versa. So, let’s go straight to the differences.


All Around Shape has a round nose. The world also call it as planing hull. The All Around shape board is available for lakes, cruising, rivers, and SUP surfing.


All Around Shape has rocker.  The nose is slightly raising out of the water. All Around is also great to handle any waves, or cut that come to your direction. The board shape is wider than the touring shape. That means it will be easier to balance and maneuver with All Around shape board. Since it is more extensive, it is also bulkier. It is not the right choice for those who want to accelerate and increase speed. The All Around shape board can be great for SUP activities like SUP surfing, SUp Yoga, SUP fishing, lakes, bays, rivers, and ocean.


Now, let’s talk about the Touring Shape. The Touring paddle board shape has a pointed nose. The manufacturer designed this for longer, faster, and flatter water paddle activities. The other name of the pointed nose is the displacement hull. This characteristic will give you the efficiency and performance in your SUP activity. This will make your Touring boards best for acceleration, faster speed, as well as maneuverability. With these perks, the Touring boards can be the common choice for SUP racing. The board shape is more difficult to balance. That’s why it is only suitable for advanced paddlers. Ones will need to train for a while and improve their skills to be ready to use the Touring shaped boards. Touring Shape is a very great choice for Long Expeditions, coastal cruises, recreational paddling, and camping. If you are an adventurer and wants to explore new things in Kauai, then you will be benefiting from the Touring shaped board. If you are a serious paddler, then Touring shaped boards are for you. Go to paddle boarding rentals now to get your boards.