Budget-Conscious SUP Yoga


If you are Yoga lover, chances are you will love to try different variations of the activities to improve the result of your exercise. The new varieties of Yoga will keep evolving from year to year. Now, we have SUP yoga! Yoga is a perfect mix of the Hawaiian and Indian costumes. It is a high new activity that you can try if you need a good idea to be fit in the summer.


For those who are new to the kauai stand up paddle board sport, it involves large surfboards that are extra stable. The good thing about SUP is that everyone can do it no matter what their age and level of expertise. Whether you have surfing experience or not before, it does not matter. Everyone can do it. This sport is a lot easier than canoeing or kayaking. You can be the student today and graduate in the next day, or the same day, depending on how fast you can learn all of the SUP basic.


SUP board has been popular in the Hawaiian island for decades. However, it has gained the top popularity only for most recent five years. Many people turn to kauai stand up paddle board simply because it is an exciting alternative to kayaking. The boards come in many types depending on the styles of the paddlers. Or the Yoga activity, the necessary non-racing boards will work well. For some people, purchasing board can be pretty hefty. Well, you don’t need to do that since you can rent it from the trustworthy SUP rental shop.


This SUP yoga thing is a fantastic activity to do. You can get outside, and the next thing you know is that you have attained such a lean body and sane minds after routinely doing the SUP Yoga. It works your muscles than standard yoga. As usual, you will take the benefits on your legs, arms, and core. Doing yoga on SUP will encourage you to work harder because balancing on the board is more challenging. The waves add such an exciting dimension so that it will be more challenging when you hold the yoga poses.


SUP yoga is a high activity for you and your group. If you happen to travel to Kauai, consider this to add to your agenda. There are most favorite yoga poses on the board including rabbit pose, side plank, and downward dog. You can also join with advanced classes to learn more advanced poses like firefly pose to headstand pose. After finishing your Yoga session, you could wrap it up with the refreshing swim. You’d agree that it is a hit. If you have no idea what to do for the next summer, consider tagging along your group to do SUP Yoga.