Couples? Here Are Some Romantic Ideas while Paddleboarding in Kauai


It is time for you and someone special to escape. When it comes to this, Kauai has been one of the best places for many purposes. If you want to do romantic things there, then consider paddle boarding in kauai. The cool thing is that there are tons of romantic stuff that you can do while paddleboarding in kauai.

So, take your note, and ready to grasp the ideas. Check out the great ideas below.


Diving or Snorkeling


Here is a bit extreme romantic idea. If you and your lover happen to love snorkeling, use the SUP for the resting spot and anchor. That way you will be golden. Keep in mind to ask the local tourism information whether or not you are allowed to snorkel.

See the Sun Set


Get on board in the afternoon just an hour before the sunset. We’d like to suggest you to bring your action camera as well to snap all the Mother Nature’s beauties. This can also be the great gift for your lover. What a special day when you see the sunset with someone special. With paddle boarding in kauai, private sunset recreation is very possible to be done.


Firework View


Watching firework on a SUP is one of the most romantic ideas. If you are a man, consider this on your list to surprise your girlfriend. She will totally be into you. The only down here is that you are not the only spectator of the firework. There are other couples too. So keep being low profile and avoid any crash with other paddle boards. But if you are lucky, you may be able to find certain private spot which others won’t know. Not only you will escape from the crowd, but you will also have the best spot to see the firework.




Obvious, isn’t it? The paddle boarding in kauai is popular because of the quiet and private environment. With such sacred spots, you can literally do any romantic thing, including kissing. It is a perfect way to enhance your bound with your lover.




Is it even possible? You may ask about this. Indeed, it is very possible. You only need to look for paddle board which size is bigger just enough to provide space to enjoy meal. Take your lunch out and enjoy a picnic on the paddle board (s). Don’t forget to seek the strategic spot so that you can have a nice time in picnic.


There you have it, a ultimate romantic things to do list when paddle boarding in kauai. Pick one or more which you are convenient with. And see what the other side thinks and feels.