Designing Graphics for Your Surfboard

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If you have tested some surfboard from surf rental kapaa and decide to purchase a new one for yourself, you might also consider customizing its graphic design. The graphics can represent your personality through your surfboard. Here are some tips to get started.

The size of the board

When you plan to design the surfboard, the first thing to know is the exact dimensions of your surfboard. Guessing the measurements is the wrong thing to do. Make sure you use tape measurement to figure out the length and the width of the board accurately. From these measurements, it will help you to make the plan of the committee on any medium. Depending on which graphics software you are using, you can use the program to play around with different designs.

The designs content

Just like any other design, there will be few elements to think of. The details are colors, symbols, images, and text. You can use either one of them or the combination. You might have a rough idea about what the design looks like. Or perhaps you have some ideas, but you are not sure if they can come up together and look awesome on your boards. But that is actually when things get very interesting. You can be experimenting and playing with different kinds of objects until you are satisfied with the final draft.

Some inspirations

The best chance to make an excellent design for your board is by taking some inspirations from multiple sources. There are many free arts, graphics, and other pieces that you can find online. Or, you could also get inspired by your daily life activities. If there is a foreign object or inspiration, snap them with your camera. Who knows, you can add them later in your design.

Hire graphic designer

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to design your surfboard. If you are not up to graphics skills, you could hire a professional graphic designer to help you with the process. The graphic designer will do his best to actualize your ideas and convert them to an appealing surfboard design that is ready to print. It may take some investments to hire graphic design services. But let’s not overlook the fact that you are going to use your surfboard for years in the future. It is worth your money and time.


You have the final design of your surfboard, then the next thing to do is to find the screen printing service to apply the model to your surfboard. Make sure to focus your search only on the best screen printing service.