Different Kinds of Surf SUP Boards

There are many types of Surf SUP boards offered by the market. Whether you are purchasing or renting the SUP board, you will find out that there are many different shapes and sizes. They also come in different materials and prices. You will want to know the types of the SUP surfing boards that you will find in your favorite rentals shop.  

There is no such thing as perfect SUP board for everyone since you probably have different requirements with others. First things first, not all boards are good choice for your current weight. So, you will want to pick the board that has enough volume to cater to your current weight. You might be a pro or an amateur who learns various tricks. So, the first board does really matter for you.

You need to know the type of game you are going to play out there so that you can maximize your performances. You must know that there is a sensible reason behind the different types of the boards.

For instance, the All Around hanalei river SUP shapes are the most prevalent for the beginners. These boards are suitable for the flat-water users. If you are new or amateur, All Around SUP board will be a great choice for you. At first, you will want to check on the All Around type of board because it is very stable. All Around SUP board is indeed prevalent for the beginners and kids. Not only stable, it is also sturdy so that you can use it rigorously in your intense training.

The other type is Nose Riders Boards. These boards resemble the design to All Around boards. However, these have wider nose. The tail can be different in shape such as round, square, squash, or pin tail. You will want to check on different shapes in the rental shop. Don’t hesitate to ask the shop owner about the shapes details.

The next hanalei river SUP surf boards that you could check is Rippers Boards. These boards tend to be shorter than All Around Shapes and Nose Riders. Rippers have pointy nose and narrower body. Their sole purpose is to improve the acceleration and movability.

Meanwhile, the Big Wave Boards are typically bigger than other types of SUP Surfing Boards. They are more stable and sturdy. If the big waves are your thing, you can’t go wrong by using the Big Wave Boards.