The Different Shapes of SUP Kauai




When it comes to choosing the right SUP for your next holiday SUP tour, you need to understand to choose the right shapes of sup kauai for you and your family members. The shapes of SUP can determine where to SUP and how you are going to SUP. It is very important matter because there is nothing good coming from wrongly chosen paddleboard for your next SUP holiday.

First things first, you can’t go wrong with All-round SUPs. These SUPs are called that way because they can be used for multiple purposes in many paddleboarding occasions. These include the fitness, Yoga SUP, flat water cruising, surf, and many more. If you are doing the SUP for recreational purposes, you and your family tend to choose the all-around sup kauai. It is the right shape of the SUP for beginners and those who just want to have fun. But these are also a viable choice for those who want to go with the paddle boarding career.

All round paddle board tends to be flat and wide, long and has more volume than other kinds of boards. Most of the recent models come with single Fin. However, you could also find ones with the triple-fin. While all-round SUPs might not be suitable for competitive paddlers, it is undeniable that the shape of this SUP is very suitable for paddlers in general.

The next one is Touring SUP. It was actually designed for race hybrid. The Touring SUP has the enhanced glide and tracking making it an ideal choice for scooting through flat water. But these will be bumpy on the stretch water. The Touring SUP is purposely designed over the distances. If you are planning to do a long-distance SUP tour, this one’s for you.

Surf SUP comes as the next one. SUP Surfing is also a popular category within the SUP. It is fair to know that many people still love doing this activity. Combined with the SUP medium, it creates such a new interesting experience for them.

Racing SUPs are the last that we’d like to highlight. As the name suggests, the SUPs are specifically designed for racing. The models are designed to enhance glide efficiency. That means the SUPs achieve longer glide or distance with each stroke you make. Because it is focused on the gliding, it has less quality in balancing. That’s why ones need to be pro to operate this.

Knowing about these shapes will help you a lot about choosing the right sup kauai for you. Don’t hesitate to ask any question if you have a thing or two that you don’t understand.