Does Wave Size Matter?

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The short answer, YES it does. The long answer, you need to read this post until the finish. If you haven’t known it yet, Wave size is one of the hottest topics of debate in the surfing community.

Each surfer wave scale is different depending on who you ask and the other variables as well. Not all individuals agree in one thing and overlook the other factors which limit them to beat specific wave sizes. The thing to consider is that it is not a scientific question to answer because the waves do not dictate the surfers’ skill level, knowledge, senses, or how big the dreams of each surfer.

As the beginners, when you try your best you might learn from the report that surf achievement is about 3ft. Well, many of the learners also want more. When you are hitting the beach, and you see many surfers claim to used 7ft tall. But you must know that there is no 100% accurate estimation. For instance, in the kauai surfboard rental kauai when we say 1 ft tall, it is not merely 1ft tall in regular.

Surfers, since they are in the first person view, often measure the wave face then halve it. Of course, what we meant was the experienced surfers. So, when they face 6 ft, it will become 3 ft wave. The surfing scale is quite easy to understand. Here is the scale concept that you need to understand:

1ft = ankle to knee-high, 2ft waist to shoulder high, 3ft head high and anything past overhead becomes 4-6ft.


However, when calling to the Hawaiian scale, size can be smaller until its well overhead. So, the regular 6 ft will become Hawaiian 2ft. In the end, it doesn’t matter. Some people don’t think about the number. But they do think about the visual effect of the waves. It is simple. When the waves look big, then these are the big waves. If it is small, then it is small. It will take you back to your instinct. There’s proof to support this theory.

Buzzy Trent, the big wave surfing legend stated that the waves were not measured in feet or inches but increments of fear. As a newbie, you might have just paddled out the biggest surf that you ever have seen in your life. Then you will go to the beach, and then the coast guard tells you that it was just 2 ft.