Don’t Hesitate to Bring Your Kids for SUP Activity

SUP boarding is not only popular amongst adult community. If you bring your family with kids to Kauai, SUP can also be a great activity for your kids. It is really fun for kids and their fellow travellers. SUP is a great way to introduce them to the fun exercise. In the Kauai water, you will have fantastic fun with your kids.

Whether your kids are totally sports lovers or moderate enthusiasts, SUP can be a great choice for both recreational and exercise purposes. It is prevalent for all ages. Besides the fun factor, you could rely on the SUP activity to improve your kids’ balance, coordination skills, fitness levels, and their self-confidence. There is a significant different of rules in each country about kids participating in the SUP boarding activity. But in Kauai, you don’t have to worry.

If your kids have zero experience in the water sport activity, it is important to teach your kids to swim. If they already have basics in swimming, it will be easier to make them participating in the SUP courses. In the SUP course, they will learn the basic moves like the turning, accelerating & decelerating, falling and jumping off the board, getting board on the board, and so on. The SUP course for kids are delivered by the experienced instructors. They will be your kids’ best “pals”so that they can learn how to SUP faster.

When the instructors give a green light to your kids, it is a perfect time to tag them along in the calm water. It won’t only help your kids to get on the boards steadily, but also remove any distraction from them.

Basically, there are two types of the paddleboards based on the materials: inflatable paddle board and solid paddle board. Solid paddle board types are usually heavier. So, it is a great idea to rent an inflatable paddle board for your kids. They can also carry their own paddle board. It will give them a lesson about their self-responsibility.

The paddle should fit your kids’ size. A paddle that is too long can make your kids discomfort. An adjustable paddle is a great idea if you are not sure. Or, you could ask to the rental owner about the suitable paddle for your kids.

With rent a sup Kauai, you will have the best options for your kids. Reach us now for further information.