Get Into the Waves


When it comes to kauai paddle boarding, you might want to do more and improve your game. If you are like many other surfers, you might agree that one of the most challenging things to do is to paddle out into the wave and make the quick transition from prone to standing up on the board.

For many beginners, this challenge is one of the reasons why they need to think twice before going to the wave. Keep in mind that the regular board that you use for flat water will not work when you use it for the waves. These Surf SUP boards have traction pads to keep you on your feet. The right boards are also the key to beat the waves out there.

The Stand Up Paddleboards have been evolving from year to year. The SURF SUP gets rid of the prone paddling aspect of surfing. That means you can conduct quick switch from laying to stand when the waves come to your direction.

Unlike when learning to surf, it is much easier to get into the wave and jumpstart your surfing experience.

Furthermore, you will need to get your arms while paddling upright. The system is similar to what you do when you paddle a boat with oars rather than relying upon the boat motor to accelerate. The manufacturers have designed the Stand Up paddle boards amazingly so that you can use the same principle without any hassle. However, you will feel that your arms are burning. However, don’t worry, it is a good exercise for your fitness. After all, you can rest your arms when you surf. You will need to use your paddle when the wave is not available. Then it would help if you paddled your way to expect the waves.

Regular longboards for your surf kauai paddle boarding can also be a great start. No matter how good your paddleboards are, you will need the good paddles to handle the challenges. You can opt to rent your board, but you can’t go wrong by purchasing your paddles. The excellent quality paddles should cost around two hundred bucks. Of course, this price won’t break your bank. When you go to the rental shop, make sure you talk to the shop owner about your plan. Also, disclose the information that you are going to beat the waves. He will have an excellent recommendation for choosing the boards for you.