Get Your Body Ready for SUP Tour with Quick Exercises




If you have a short time, or you are just too busy to prepare everything for the SUP tour with your group, you will want to use your time wisely. Not to mention that you need to get yourself ready to deal with the challenges out there.  So, before rent paddleboards, you will want to read this article to get your body prepared with quick exercises.

If you have limited time, the best training for you can be Tabata Training. What is it?

Tabata Training is a type of workout program which is almost the same as HIIT Cardiovascular workouts but a bit more intense and requires the strength component in training. Many would recommend this as a routine basis training for the SUP activities. The good thing about this training, you only need four minutes to finish the regime on a daily basis. You could spare 4 minutes a day to make your body fitter and ready for the SUP challenges.

Tabata Training indeed falls in the HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training category. However, this training is more effective and efficient because of its short time. Not to mention that you can do it anywhere, anytime you want. That’s a win-win.

Does Tabata Training sound like Japanese for you? You guessed it right. Dr. Izumi Tabata is the inventor of this training type.

Dr. Izumi manages this training to be used by regular trainers and athletes. The workout involves the working out hard for 20 seconds. Then you will need to rest for 10 seconds. And then you need to repeat the process until you manage eight sets. You will have the freedom to do any exercise that works a large number of muscle groups such as squats, thrusters, and many others.

You can also use the dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, or nothing for the body exercises. The Tabata intervals will depend on your experience levels and the availability of the equipment. Either way, it is up to you on modifying the training intervals as you desire.

The perk of this training is evident. It is more effective than other exercises that require you more time to finish. The training is very useful in maintaining your fitness level and improve the results of your weight loss regime as well. When you compare this training with the aerobics or old-school training, Tabata Training indeed has perks that they don’t have. Consider to take a look on the net and get the tutorials for free.

With a more fit body, you will be confident when renting rent paddleboards for you and your group.