Hanalei Paddle Board in Cold Season



Cold season is approaching. Whether you are going to use your hanalei paddle board in daylight or night, there is a need for special care in winter. You’ll start noticing that there is a new snow in the mountains. And just like what happens in other country, folks will start to wear more clothes to stay warm.


Well, there is no exception for paddling. You should do it as well. You perhaps miss the convenient t-shirt, shorts, sunglasses, soft drink, and your sandals. But you can’t do it, not in the weather like this.

Reading the forecast? Check. Asking for some advices from lifeguards and locals? Check. Renting paddleboard? Check. Locate the place to stay? Check. Add more important things to your list to check. Make sure that you don’t miss anything when you conduct hanalei paddleboard in Hawaii. The key to staying on the water for the longest time is to get warm even before you get on the water. When on the water, the key is to maintain your warmth. And after that, you will also need to preserve the warm.


Sometimes it can be freezing. So consider wearing gloves when you unload your hanalei paddle board from your car. Some folks who don’t wear gloves can feel the numbs in their fingers, thanks to the extreme weather. That will be bad if happens to you.


As mentioned, the key is to keep the warmth in your body. Consider bringing snacks, or energy bar to eat prior to paddling. Some folks drink alcoholic drinks to start off. It is totally wrong. The last thing you want is that you are hard to concentrate when paddling. Instead, drink warm non-alcoholic ones before getting on the water. Check all the gears. Don’t miss anything.


Use the lifeguards and locals sources to find the wind direction, air temperature, forecast, tides, striking zones (if you are fishing on the paddle board). Keep updating the information so that you will be able to handle any obstruction later. Make sure that you have enough supplies to support you on the water. How many stuff that you bring will depend on how many hours you are willing to spend on the water.


Wear PFD and bring safety items such as skullcap, compass, solar, flares, walkie talkie, and so on. Going out at night? Consider wearing a waterproof vest with reflectors so that you can prevent the collisions with boats or other boards. Also, consider wearing wetsuits. Although you have been a pro in this, you may fall off your board. Make sure you get the right Hanalei paddle board so that you will have a fun and safe experience there.