Hanalei Paddleboard in Hawaii – Top Places You Can Consider




When you visit Hawaii, chances are you will see a lot of hanalei paddle board activities there.  But not all places are ideal for those who look for the calm and relaxing environment, or for those who have just started. If you are one of them, then you have come to the right page. We’re going to share you an ideal places in Hanalei.




It has uniquely small, flat, and calm water even in the winter season. In Waikiki, you will see a lot of families and groups having fun. The safe environment allows you to bring your kids to learn hanalei paddle board. You can book the hanalei paddle board lesson through our page so that you will get the lessons in time.


Keauhou Bay


This place is a part of Keauhou Resort. This place is filled with the sunny weather and calm waters for hanalei paddle board. If you are a beginner, you can rest assured that the water will not make you drowned. The calm seas are found by many people. You will not have any problem when visiting this place.


Ala Moana Beach Park


It is a sandy stretch beach which is located nearby Waikiki. So if you happen to be in Waikiki, it does not hurt to pay this site a visit. It is very easy to reach the place. And we can tell you that the water is incredibly friendly. It thanks to the outer reef which provides ample protection and roles as a barrier between the beach and the shore. Not to mention that the place is across the street. You will find it easily.


Anini Beach


Anini beach is definitely a place for everyone. It has the longest and widest reef in the Hawaiian Islands, making the shore protected. Thanks to this conditions, the protected waters are very friendly for all families. Tons of water activities can be done there, including hanalei paddle board. Anini beach is known to have strong currents outside the protective reef. So make sure you don’t go there for safety. The place is also close to many amenities. So there is no need to go for miles to reach the location for recreation.


Kapalua Bay


If you love the white sand beach, don’t forget to visit Kapalua Bay. it is also a perfect destination for hanalei paddle board. The C-shaped cove makes it great for water activities with friends and family.


If you are like other people, you may find surfing a bit daunting, why not trying hanalei paddle board instead? And you have a lot of places to visit to do it.