Hard SUP or Inflatable SUP?



When it comes to kauai stand up paddle board, there’s been a long debate between the hard SUP fans and ISUP fans. It might be the first consideration that you will think for a long time when you rent SUP board for you and your group. Before deciding, you could come across this valuable information that will probably help you to determine what board you pick.

Hard SUP is also called as stable standup paddleboard. The most recent models have top materials like foam, wood, plastics, kevlar, as well as fiberglass. The medium is layered by epoxy resin as the protection.

The Hard SUP is a top option for those who strive for better performance and responsiveness. Hard SUP, in many cases, is much better than ISUP when used in the surf or downwind. The reason is quite easy and sensible. The hard SUP is more rigid. The Hard SUP is also a common choice for racing and surfing or more intense SUP activity.

The ISUP or Inflatable SUP is an excellent choice for kauai stand up paddle board for traveling, leisure time, and more casual occasions. Inflatable SUP is attached to the pump wherein the air will come in to build the mass of the board. Inflating the board will need around 15 psi. ISUP will be rigid when inflated. It is also stiff so that you won’t believe that it is an inflatable SUP. Inflatable SUPs models are commonly lighter than most of the solid boards because they only come with air and plastic. Inflatable SUP is also cheaper than Solid boards.

The huge difference lies in its comfort and portability. Hard boards, as we know, can’t tolerate the available space that you have to store them. Inflatable SUP, on the other side, his very convenient to fit in the trunk of most cars. You could roll it and put it in your baggage. You can fly with your ISUP without having to pay extra to your airlines. If you are mobile a lot in kauai stand up paddle board, you will attain tons of benefits when having the iSUP.

You can even carry it in your backpack while strolling around the street. We are not saying that iSUP is better in most aspects. It is just a winner when your mobility is high. The ISUP models are generally more affordable than hard SUP board.