Have You Ever Mounted A Camera on A Surfboard?

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You might be wondering why people want to mount an action camera on their surfboard. In most occasions, avid surfers would want to share the moments with their fellow surfers. That means the second person will do all the recording things. Some of them often record the video from the shore. But what if there is no parter? It would be a pity when you beat the wave out there, but you won’t be able to prove it to the world about your achievement.

The mounted action cam will handle the things for you. You won’t bother your fellow friend to shoot your action. Instead, the recorder is on your board. Even if you are surfing with your group, it will be fun since everyone can be captured with your device. We know that most of the surfing videos come from the shore or beach perspective. The mounted camera gives a close perspective of the board user so that it is more thrilling and interesting to watch.

Besides the ample documentation, the action cam can also help you to improve your skills. By watching the recorded videos, you can analyze your game and find the rooms for improving your surfing techniques. it is good to know that there are many camera models out there to be found in the online marketplace.

The crucial thing to check before proceeding is to check whether the camera is waterproof. Waterproof action camera should be able to capture the moments when the nose of the board takes a dive under the waves. If you are not sure about the candidates that you find on the marketplace, you could look at some reviews out there. Only focus on the models which have gained a lot of positive feedbacks. The waterproof HD action cam can be very expensive. If you can find waterproof case for your current action camera, it will be a great idea to proceed.


Good camera mount is often sold separately. You will want to purchase a good quality camera mount. it will be waste if you purchase poor quality mount, and your expensive camera is washed away because of it.

Purchasing action cam which is specially designed for sportsmen is a great idea. One of the top brands is GoPro. The brand has proven to be successful in these current years. Investing in such packages can do your favor a lot. Besides surfing, you can also use the cameras for different occasions, adding more pieces to share with your friends, family, and fellow surfers.

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