Here Are Why Health Experts Recommend SUP for Health and Fitness

You may know the drills. Every tour agent will promote SUP as a great way to improve your health and fitness. But most of the times, they don’t explain the details. Well, here is why we are here to share the details with you. By the end of reading this article, you will be aware that SUP is the “one.”

SUP can burn calories naturally. A good SUP session can burn up to 700 calories for men, and 500 calories for women. Keep in mind that you can reach those numbers if you do a first SUP session. With this fact alone, it can be one of the most excellent options for you to shed some fats from your body. SUP Surfing can burn more calories than SUP Yoga. But let’s not forget that SUP yoga is also great for your inner health. So, both of them are great.

The second thing to note is that SUP is accessible 24/7. That means you can do it anytime you want. Even much better. You don’t have to make an appointment with your trainer or go to the gym to get that. Hence, you won’t waste your money for the gym membership. There are many rental shops which offer you a daily package of hanalei bay paddle board rentals.

Instead of searching for the gym and pay for the expensive membership, you could just rent the hanalei bay paddle board rentals, and you can do the activity wherever you like. Perhaps you need the local guide’s help at first because Kauai is so significant to explore. But the silver lining, there are many spots to try. You will hit the water and enjoy the natural experience rather than stuck in a gym room.

SUP is one of the best overall workouts. The explanation is simple. You will use every part of your body to make it work. The intensive arm and shoulder workout can be done by paddling on the Kauai water. The good thing here is that the community will always welcome you and it is straightforward to find your peers or new friends. The next thing you know is that you will be doing it with a group of fantastic friends.

SUP is also a low impact sport. It is a perfect choice for those who can’t withstand the rigorous activities, people who are injured, elders, or people with mobility limits. It is simple, easy and straightforward. Even much better, it works for all ages! If you bring your kids, you can also tag them along with you.