How to Avoid Breaking Leashes

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In many stories you might have heard about SUP surfing experience, some of them might be related to the breaking leashes. As we know, breaking a rope is not good at all. When the waves are more significant, and you are dealing with severe conditions, swimming might be hard to chase your board. Each person has its challenge but breaking the leashes can be much worse than anything.

Assuming that you have picked top quality leash, the only problem left is when the wave is breaking. When it happens, the best option to avoid breaking strap is to get to the shoulder and over the stream. If you don’t have time or can’t make it, you should move toward the weakest point of the waves. You must get creative to avoid the impact zone since it is where people usually break their leases.

But if you are in the worst position, and the wave is too close to impact, then safety is your top priority. Keep in mind that when we talk about “safety,” that means it goes to you and the fellow surfers surrounding you. Make sure that nobody is behind you. I if there is someone behind you, you will want to get the board away from them. Or, you could direct the traffic. And you could tell your fellow surfers to go so you can clear the way. They will be glad when hearing the cautions from you.

Diving off the board will be the best option. You could dive under the wave so that you can ping your leash.


If you can cover the ground on the dive, the big waves shouldn’t come to you. It is essential to know that the sudden yank is the x-factor that will break your leash. Most players want to swim against the pull of the board. That may make the strap more vulnerable.

Then for the safety measures, you must pay attention to this. I don’t recommend you to surf in the conditions that you think you can’t be comfortable in swimming. If the ocean is not currently friendly for you to swim, then you can pull off. It is not that underestimating your skills as SUP surfers. Sometimes, when you fall off, the water can’t be too friendly for you.

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