How to Make Your Surfboard Last Longer

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Whether you rent or purchase your board, a single scratch will not be a good news for you. Actually, some incidents like fat lip landing, falling to the water, are inevitable. These could be the reason why surfboard rental prices are sensible enough. But you can do few tricks to make the SUP surfboard last longer.

Lets admit it. The surfboard itself is much more prevalent than the other gears since it can be most hefty to pay. it is by far the biggest investment in the SUP Surfboard activity. Thats why you will want to take a good care of it. If it is your own surfboard, you wont see it worn of anytime soon. If it is someones else’s, then you want to bring it back in one piece. The wish is as simple as that.

Besides it’s tough and sturdy appearance, surfboards are actually fragile. It is because the environment is harsh out there. There might be tons of abuses and wears that they need to withstand. The board is physically protected by the layer which comes from top material like fiberglass or resin.

If you are as same concerning as other users, you will want that protective layer intact when you use the board. Keep in mind that the board is the core of the activity. So, it is a great idea to pay more attention to it to retain its functions, features, and values.

First things first, the most sensible thing to do is to bag it properly. It is the foremost thing to conduct to protect it from bumps and dirts. When you are transporting the surfboard from one place to another, you will want to bag it and protect it well. The digs dont just happen in the water, but also when you are carrying the board.

Keep your board safe when you do your things. Have you ever seen people put their board on the car, or against the wall standing upright? Theres risk to tip over. Even some winds in Kauai can blow it away. Then it is unfortunate when a vehicle tripping over your board. You could imagine the worst case scenario. It is important to pay attention to your board all the time.

You will want to fix your dings ASAP. Dings, if left untreated, will allow the salt water to conduct the corrosive reaction. It will damage the board over time. Always rinse your board with the fresh water before patching it up. The more you pay attention to your surfboard, the more quality it would be.