How to Pack Your Inflatable SUP

Inflatable hanalei paddle board is easy to use and operate. It is a prevalent choice for the beginners. the only problem that you might face is to store it. At the first time, it is a daunting task to roll up the board and find the place to store it.

First things first, you will want to release the valve carefully. Sometimes, the sounds can tease your ears. So, you will need to brace it. Take your thumb and push the valve stem down until hitting the valve chamber. The valve should be in an open position to allow the inflatable SUP to deflate.

Getting all the air out will be the key to prepare storing your board. Use your forearms across the core of the board to release more air from the board. Make sure the air exits and empty the board. Avoid pressing the board’s seams since it will break your board. If necessary, you could purchase the 2-way pumps which allow you to pump the air out of the board. This feature will make it easier for you to deflate the hanalei paddle board.

Many people think that rolling the SUP up is the best way. Well, I bet you didn’t read the manual when you roll it. Inflatable SUP is foldable, but not for rolling. Instead of rolling it up, you could fold your SUP. Rolling it will lead to holes. And believe us, when it has few holes, it can be hefty to repair the board.

Whether you are storing inflated or deflated paddle board, you want to make sure that your board is dry and clean before storage. The dirts and maoists accumulated from your previous activity will pile up the bacteria and it will be too late to prevent your smelling room. To remove the odor, you will want to clean and clear your board before storing it.

If you are too lazy to fold it, you could store your board while it is still inflating. But make sure to store under the shade. Keep it away from the direct sunlight. It is a basic science that hot air can expand, potentially causing damage to your inflatable SUP board. When you store it in the safest place, the inflated board might slightly decrease in the pressure. You will want to fill some pressure again before using it on the water.

That’s it! It is easy to maintain and store your inflatable SUP board, right?