How to Store Your Surfboard

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Storing your surfboard is one of the most crucial aspects in your surfing activity. So, the holiday date is around the corner. And you want to go surfing for the recreation. One of the things that might bother your mind is how difficult it is to store your board and protect it well.

If you have ample space at home, it might not be a problem to store your board. but there is a possibility that you want to store the board in the location nearby the beach so that you dont have to transport it too far away from your home. No matter the reason, you cant go wrong by storing your surfboards in the longboard rental storage unit. The storage unit services are available in most major cities so you can find the best providers instantly through your favorite search engine. It is a good thing if you have found the service to stick with. But prepping your board to be stored is another thing.

Before storing your boards, you will want to make some preparations. First things first, you will want to rinse your board with the fresh water to remove salt water, dirts, and other elements. Then you could dry your board by microfiber towel to remove all the moistures.

If you plan to store your boards for longer period of time, you would want to strip all the wax from your board. If you are not using your board for longer time, the wax can get old and musty. Remove the leash if necessary. Leaving the leash that way could trigger permanent coils.

If you have board bag, it would be much better. You can store the board in the board bag. It will provide additional layer of protection for the board to prevent any dings.

Transporting the boards by your can can be a bit tricky if your vehicle is smaller model. While there are some boards that would fit into most of car models, some boards not just fitting. When you cant store your board in your car trunk, you will want to invest some pads, webbing straps, and racks. And, you will need to learn to load and tie down your Surf SUP board. It might be a daunting experience at first. But after you do it for some times, you will get used to it. You will realize that these tips are worth trying after seeing the results.