How to Take Care of Your Surfboard Properly

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Both professionals and beginners have the same responsibilities when it comes to the surfing activity. The thing is that not all users know how to properly take care of their Surf SUP board. Thats why there have been many cases weve seen that the boards have severe damage. If you want to make the board long lasting, or protect it because you rent it, you must learn about the basics on how to keep it safe and secure. With these simple tips, you will prolong your surfboard properly.  

Learn how to store it

In our previous post, we have shared the tips to store your board properly. Youd want to check on that article and use all of out tips. It is not a daily basis activity unless you are a professional athlete. Most of the time, your boards will might be standing there somewhere, waiting for the next season. It is important to learn to store the board properly to keep it safe.

Stock the wipes

There are many kinds of sanitizing wipes that you can get from the market. These are the accessories that youd like to keep close by. These wipes can disinfect your board. The wipes are useful when you are sharing the board with your friends or family member.

Bag it

If you dont have the board bag, you must purchase one. The bag will give the extra layer of protection so that you will have peace of mind when transporting your board from one place to another. You can also store all the accessories in the bag, allowing you to organize all of them properly.

Dont expose it to the direct sun

It is inevitable to avoid the sunlight exposure. But when you leave your board, dont leave it under the sunlight and extreme heat. These can make your surfboard damaged. It can cause delamination. Dont leave it uncovered for too long time. The best way to protect it from heat and sunlight is by covering it with a tarp.

Check your board routinely

After each use, you will want to check for any dings. If you notice any dings, you will want to fix them right away. It will make your board last longer. Whether you purchase or board rental your board, you will want to check your board after using it. It is the ethical way to treat your bored and your companion.