Is It Safe for Pregnant Women to Paddle?

You might be wondering if it is safe to paddle while being pregnant. You may have seen some people posted photo or video about them having fun on the board when they are pregnant.

Well, for many SUP experts, they don’t see a big problem for women who paddle on the safe water. We are not a health blog. So, if you still doubt the kauai paddle board rental activity while being pregnant, it is wise to consult with your doctor before proceeding. Some stories told that the paddling contributes to the birth readily. Many people said that they have a happy and healthy baby after paddling while pregnant.

Some people compare the giving birth to a marathon. It can be a daunting task for everyone to give birth to a child knowing that their activities are restricted. Assuming that paddling is not safe for pregnant woman, the key here is to experience the safer and comfortable ride on the water. Of course, extreme activities like SUP surfing is out of the chart.

A piece of advice if you want to paddle while pregnant, consult with your doctor in advance. And then, you will need to get bigger and sturdier board because it is stabler and more comfortable for you and your baby.

If you are using inflatable SUP, make sure to get help when you need to inflate it.

SUP is a low impact activity. Unlike the other sports which fall you to the ground, you will fall into the water. Not to mention that the pressure of the extra weight disappears in the water. Staying active in SUP can keep you in shape for safe and speedy childbirth. It will help you to get relaxed on the days before the deliverance.

It is also important to know the rule of 120. If the weather out there is lower than 120 degree, you will need your wet or dry suit. After all, the cold shock is still at risk. You also need to be aware of the environment surrounding you. If SUP is your main thing, you can do it safer indoor. There are many kauai paddle board rental workout programs in Kauai that held indoor. It is not hard to paddle when the sun comes out. But when it is chilling, you have to know the real safety risk. If you have your friends or partner to accompany you, it will be much better.