Kauai Stand Up Paddle Board Inflation Tips




There are some types of the boards that you can use for kauai stand up paddle board. When it comes to the board option, the inflatable board comes as the best choice for those who concern about the storage space.


The inflatable board, however, need to be taken care properly. A proper inflation and care are very important to get the best out of your SUP tour or other related SUB activities. It is important to understand the correct technique to be applied to the caring routine. With enough knowledge and skill, you will be able to deflate or inflate your board without any problem. Not only these tips are intended for the specific brand of the inflatable SUPs, but also most inflatable SUPs products in the market.


When it comes to the inflation and technique, you can’t go wrong with reading the manual of the inflatable board.


First things first, you need to turn the SUP board valve stem to the closed position. A closed SUP valve has the stopper that allows the pressurized air to push through the valve. This will prevent the air from coming back out.


Speaking of the valve stem position, you will lose all of the air pressure when you plug out the

hose. Turn the valve clockwise. If it does not fit, you will need to swap the rubber washer.


The success key to kauai stand up paddle board with the inflatable board is in preparation. So, you will need to prepare the board correctly.


Some people pump it with their hands. Well, you can do it too. But it will exhaust you too quickly. Instead, you could use your legs. Using legs to pump up and down is much easier than using hands. It is also a quicker way to get your board ready.


Don’t forget to take a break if you are using manual pumping. Don’t blow all your energy for one go. Many people do this and end up with the non-firm board. They’ll have to re-blow it again. Always check the pressure of the board before going to the water. Consider purchasing pressure checker if you want the process to be done quicker.


When you are traveling to kauai stand up paddle board, there are a lot of things to consider to treat the inflatable board. Whether you are renting or owning it by yourself, you should also pay attention to the deflation and storage. When deflating the board, make sure the stem position is open. You will hear that the air coming out from the board. Remove the remaining air from the upper chamber.


Last but not least, you also need to know the dangers of over inflation.Be aware that overinflation can risk in accidents and other circumstances. So consider checking the pressure every time you finish inflating the board.