Lightweight Paddle Boards

Our lightweight paddle boards prides itself on quality, durability and performance. We spend our time on the water, surfing and paddling in all types of conditions. Our lightweight paddle boards products are built with strength, utilizing clean, simple lines and modern aesthetics. Influenced by an outdoor lifestyle with an appreciation for adventure, It will take your sup experience to the next level. We are passionate about Stand Up Paddleboarding and providing our friends with superior quality lightweight paddle boards, SUP Paddles and Paddleboard Accessories at the absolute best value.

Lightweight Paddle Boards

Lightweight Paddle Boards

There are many different types of lightweight paddle boards shapes on the market today. We will explore the main SUP board shapes and talk about their purpose and performance of flat-water paddling.

Are you in the market for a Stand Up Paddle board? Have you finally decided to give the new sport a try but still have a few questions about the many different board options? Maybe you have graduating from your first board and looking for a second purpose specific board? Let’s delve into the many shape options available today on the SUP market.

Here are the basic types of stand up paddling that have become popular:

Recreational flat-water Paddling
Paddle Surfing
Flat Water Racing
Downwind Paddling
Touring Paddle Boards
River/Rapid Paddling

All Around SUP shapes

Many stand up paddle boards that cater to the first time or casual paddler will fall into the “All Around” category. All Around shapes can be used for all the above mentioned types of paddling to greater or lesser extents although they are most suitable for Recreational flat-water paddling. An All Around SUP board will usually be around 30″ wide if not wider. Typical lengths for a beginner are 11′ -12′. Lighter riders may be able to start on a 10′ – 10’6″ board of kauai stand up paddle board near.

All Around boards usually feature a fairly wide nose and tail as well as considerable overall thickness in the 4 1/2″ to 5″ range. The wide nose, wide tail and considerable length, width and thickness make for a very stable and forgiving board. Stable and forgiving are great characteristics to have in a board while learning the basics of balance, paddling, wave negotiation, wave riding as well as building your overall strength and conditioning. Many All Around shapes will also feature a single center fin configuration.

While some may feel the need to jump right into a performance shape there is a lot of wisdom in starting out on an all around shape and graduating after some time to a more performance tailored shape. Plus once you have graduated you will have a second board to loan to your girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband or friends. If you choose wisely you can find lightweight paddle boards with stand up paddle board hanalei that will allow you to progress from flat-water basics and will also allow you to paddle surf in waves, test out the flat water racing scene, enjoy an SUP tour and navigate rivers and small rapids.

Next, is the height or length of the lightweight paddle boards. Similarly to the width, the length also determines stability, but length is most important in maneuverability. So if you’re looking for stability, the shorter board would be better, but if you want to be able to glide, and paddle, then the longer board would be better suited to you.

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Lastly, you have to keep the thickness of the lightweight paddle boards in mind. Most boards have a thickness that ranges between 4 inches and 5 inches. The thicker the board, the more stabilization it will provide. A thick board gives the surfer a better opportunity to catch waves, and provides a more stable platform for the rider as well. Stand-Up Paddle Boards are a great way to stay in shape or train during off season, and they’re a great adventure to share with your whole family, and they’re a great new sport for you to learn. The excitement of riding SUP’s is growing, so jump on one and be a part of the craze!

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