Longboard Surfboard

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When you browse around the boards in your trustworthy hanalei surfboard rental shop, chances are the owner recommend you the longboard surfboard. If you have never tried this before, you will want to find good reason why you could use it for the next surfing trip.

The longboard surfboard comes with the classic design, which offers fantastic features that can accommodate various surfing techniques. As the name suggests, it is the longest of all the surfboard styles that you can find on the market. It also has wide platform that eases the stability and performance. Thanks to its dimensions, it gives the benefits to the new surfers or beginners to find their stability and center of gravity. If you are an occasional surfer, the longboard surfboard will make a great choice for you.

Just like other surfboard types, the longboard surfboard is also available in different lengths. You will firstly want to browse around the available options and choose the best length that matches your needs and styles.

The beginners might be more comfortable with the shorter side of long. The ten foot board can be too heavy for some newbies. Not to mention that some people may feel awkward to carry that board. But the more skillful you are, the longer board you can get. The advanced users and experienced riders may take the longer longboards and perform good maneuvers like backwards take-offs and nose riding. As an advanced surfers, you are able to do these maneuvers with great stability.

You will also need to consider the board constructions when picking the longboard surfboard. There two main materials: fiberglass, and epoxy. Fiberglass construction is a great choice for those who are looking for smooth surf. This type of board gives you the easiness to response to the wave patterns. But fiberglass board can be heavy to carry. You will want to manage it well when carrying it.

The epoxy boards tend to be lighter than the fiberglass boards. Epoxy boards can be quicker and snappier in the wave. These will give you dynamic surfing experience. The downside of the epoxy construction is that they decompose quickly. So, you will want to consider this for the short investment. It can also feel stiff when used in the water.

But there is one which is better than mentioned above: the combination of fiberglass and epoxy. It is the new combination of materials that won’t fail you. Both new and veteran surfers can take the advantages of the longboard made of epoxy and fiberglass mixture.