Make SUP Foil Surfing Experience More Comfortable

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Learning to foil surf can be a daunting task to do for the first time. But you must beat overcome the first challenge so that you could nail it well. Here are a few tips that you can consider to speed up your progress.

First things first, you will want to Make yourself comfortable with the SUP. The key here is to use the right SUP board for your action. The soundboard should be the one that makes you more comfortable when paddling into and surfing the waves. It will be more prevalent when you plan to attach the foil to your board. Having the board lift out of the water and balancing it are the challenges for the starters. You will want to practice with the paddling and surfing until it becomes your second nature.

There is no better thing than starting behind the boat or jet ski. This looks early, but it does help you to learn the balance in a more friendly environment. It will help you to learn in baby steps. So, there is no need to force yourself to it. Practice will keep the foil low and in control. You want to keep the weight on the front of the board. You can then slowly move it towards the back of the board until you lift the board. You will also want to put the weight back over the front to push down the foil. You will want to practice this until you make it. The stability is something you need to achieve in no time. If you have an excellent instructor beside you, it will be great.


If you are confident enough, you can try the foil on the wave. After getting comfortable flying from behind the board, you can add in the wave challenge. You could learn to surf with the foil attached in your board. You have every right to challenge yourself more time on the wave. Having more streams per session will speed up your training process.

Having foil surf makes it easier for you to move to the ocean. By learning the foil SUP surf behind the boat or jet ski, you will get familiar with the foil characteristics, moreover when it interacts with the waves. Foil surfing in the ocean is achievable in no time as long as you get used to it. You don’t want to come unprepared when having the foil surf in the sea.


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