Mistakes As SUP Beginners


It is hard to deny that being a beginner in hanalei bay paddle board rentals can be really difficult for some people. Well, just like other sports, it does have the learning curve that you will want to go through first before getting into the advanced mode. But you can rest assured that some mishaps and mistakes can be avoided when you are learning well. Here are the most common mistakes that happen in beginners.

Not holding the paddle correctly

Most starters do many wrongs when holding the paddle. But it is a common mistake which you could consider as fair since you will need to train and use it for a while until it becomes your second nature. It is tempting to hold the paddle so that the angle of the blade is facing to your direction. But your intuition could be wrong. You will want to hold the paddle with the blade facing away from you.

Using the wrong equipment

It might be simpler when using the equipment. But if you are using not a proper one, not only that your training will come to worse, but your learning curve might seem too long. For instance, using too narrow board will get you frustrated. Use the right equipment based on your skills level. For instance, the wider board with plenty of volume can be a great choice for you. Good equipment for the beginners can be the foam boards, inflatables, and sturdy all-around touring boards. The point is that you will want to focus your equipment which can help you stay balanced on the water.

Not checking the weather condition

It is a fatal condition. Failing to read the weather condition cannot do any good for you. Taking strokes through unstable water makes your learning process harder and longer. When learning a new sport, you want to be away from stress. Make sure to check the conditions of the weather and the environment when you are about to go to SUP. Once you become more comfortable, it does not take a long time until it becomes your second nature and you are able to advance your game in Kauai.

Not looking forward

Many people make mistakes by looking down. The thing that you don’t know is that when you staring at your feet, it may affect your balance and your vision. Instead, you could stand and focus on the water in the front of you. You will know the difference when you apply it.

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