Paddle Kauai Stand Up

Stand Up Paddle Kauai boards allow as well as they can harm

Paddle Kauai Stand Up

Paddle Boards are a serious investment and you’ll want to make sure you’re fully committed before you pull the trigger. The main specs that you’ll want to pay attention to are width, length, weight and construction. You’ll notice that all of these components tie into one another. If your board is wider and longer it’ll be able to handle more weight. Depending on whether it’s solid, or inflatable this will also impact the amount of weight it can hold.

For an all around board we recommend looking for Stand Up Paddle Kauai that is 30-34″ in width. This will give you a nice wide base to plant your feet on. Until you master the art of balancing on a SUP, a wider base will put you in a position to generate power with your paddle without losing your balance. In terms of length my preference is somewhere between a 10 or 11 footer. If your board is much longer than 14′ you’re probably looking at a race board which will be narrower. If it’s shorter then 10′ you’re entering surf SUP territory.

The first thing you need to identify is what you’re going to be using your stand up paddle board for. If you’ve clicked or scrolled to this section I’m assuming you’re new to the selection process. If you’re not feel free to skip this. Basically there are four types of paddle boards; flat water paddle boards, touring (racing) paddle boards, yoga (fitness) paddle boards and finally surf paddle boards.

If you answered no to all of these questions, a standard, flat water SUP is for you. If you’re a beginner or wanting to use a SUP to fish this is a great place to start. These Stand Up Paddle Kauai boards provide a ton of stability so you spend more time on your board and less time in the water. If you’re brand new to the sport, I strongly suggest renting a board and give it a whirl, if you’re like the majority of people that try paddle boarding you’re going to fall in love.

Paddle Kauai Stand UpI have actually been around the sea a lot of my life. Bodyboarding, bodysurfing, surfing, cruising, SUPing … Big waves still frighten the crap out of me occasionally. Mother nature is a powerful being as well as you should appreciate that and recognize your limitations. We do this for fun and 99% people typically aren’t available to prove anything. Be smart as well as trip waves in the appropriate conditions for your skill level. That opts for wild water paddle boarding too. Make certain to recognize the flow of the river and also the power of the water.

The sea is substantial, lakes huge and also the rivers are wide. Yet we constantly appear to want to paddle on the same square inch of water! Paddle Kauai Stand Up allow as well as they can harm when they strike you. Bear in mind various other water users and when you’re learning the art of SUP. Make certain you have lots of area to practice standing, dropping and paddling. Paddle boards for beginners are big. To make them manageable, manoeuvrable and also solid they should be developed out of light-weight advanced products making them pricey. Look after your board and paddle, they are delicate when thrown around ashore. Your board will thanks!

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