Paddling with Your Four-Legged Buddy in 2018



If you are planning to do paddle boarding in kauai with your pup, you will need to use some tips because it can be a daunting thing to do. Sure paddle boarding with your dog looks so easy since you have seen the videos on Youtube and instagram. But it is not merely doable by everyone who does not have experience.


You will need to prepare everything to make your dog and you ready. A SUP tour without preparation will be unpleasant, unsteady, and risky. Here we are going to share what you need to do to prepare everything.


The first time you take your dog on a paddle will be quite bearish. So, you need to consider to make him get used to. You can start the mini training on the ground. Your puppy does not know the commands when it comes to paddle boarding in kauai. But you don’t have to worry. It is not as difficult as potty training.


If you have swimming pool at your backyard, you are in a big luck. You can train your dog to swim to prepare some precautions. As we know, falling off the board is inevitable. This aspect also works for your furry buddy.


You also need to know whether your dog like water or hate it. The key to success paddle boarding in Kauai with your dog is to know exactly your dog’s behavior and mental traits. You need to question yourself about these:


Does your dog like water?

Is the fear of riding in the car

Is he able to swim?

Is he obedient?

And so on…


The more questions that you are able to answer, the more effective the training will be. For instance, there’s a dog that will do anything for a treat. You can use this to train your dog. But not all dogs are treat-motivated. So you could consider using clicker, verbal feedback, or any gear that works for your dog. Make sure that your dog has a better understanding of basic commands like stay, lay, and sit. You will really need it out there.


Start small and gradual. Let your puppy sniff the board, walk on it, lay on it, sit on it, and get familiar with it. The point of paddle boarding in kauai  with your dog is that both of you are comfortable with the activity. There is no point in tagging along with your dog if he is not comfortable with the board. Consider starting small by taking him to the shallow water. Initially, your buddy will get familiarized with it and ready for the next challenges.


And don’t forget to gear up. Kauai’s water is complex and dynamic. You will want to have such safety precautions. Good luck!