Designing Graphics for Your Surfboard


If you have tested some surfboard from surf rental kapaa and decide to purchase a new one for yourself, you might also consider customizing its graphic design. The graphics can represent your personality through your surfboard. Here are some tips to get started.

The size of the board

When you plan to design the surfboard, the first thing to know is the exact dimensions of your surfboard.

Travel Tips for Transporting Your Surfboard



Surfing trips can be daunting for you and your group. In case you have rented the board from the surf rental Kapaa, the next thing that you have in mind is how to protect and ship the wooden surfboard to your destination safely.

There’s a chance that the distance of your surfing spot with the rental shop is quite far away.

All Around Surfboard is All You Need for Fun Surfing Experience




If you have never surfed before, your instructors won’t recommend you to use a short board and hit the waves the same day you conduct the first training. Short boards are harder to control and use. It can be dangerous if you use it with zero experience. You might have seen many people use the short boards to beat the waves.