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Best SUP Boards Kauai also commonly referred to as SUP

Best SUP Boards KauaiThis kind of paddling is as the name suggests a paddling position in which the paddler enjoys the activity in a standing position. When surfing was incepted, the instructors would use the standing position as a simple way of keeping a watchful eye on their students or clients.…

SUP Wailua

The Stand Up Paddle Board or “SUP Wailua” as it is called originated in Kauai

SUP WailuaThe Stand Up Paddle Board or “SUP Wailua” as it is called originated in Kauai took it on as their own and developed it in the ’60’s. They began with it to instruct large groups of learners and the higher stance gave them a better viewpoint, and gave them the control they needed, not only over the learner groups, but also to sight the pending swells way out the back.

SUP Rental Kauai

Choose a Good SUP Surf Spot

SUP Rental Kauai

Assuming you have an average sized stand up paddle board, you’re gonna want to start out on some pretty small waves. Anything between two and four feet should work well. The last thing you want to do is go out in six footers and get rocked… which also might decrease your interest in the sport a bit too.…

Kauai SUP is Up

Family owned and operated, Kauai SUP was founded by Brandon and Jessica Miller. Loving the sun, water and good old fashioned customer service, they wanted to bring the people pf Hawaii a low cost, high quality SUP line option not previously available in the state.

If you like to buy from people who provide good customer service and high quality products along with the best pricing in the industry then Kauai SUP is the place of you.…