Planning to SUP in Kauai? Read These Guidelines

Camping is already an excellent outdoor activity. When you combine it with SUP activity, it will be an attractive option for everyone in your group to have fun and make memories together. For camping, most campers can leave urban areas and escape. While you and your group are away from the crowd, you can enjoy nature while sleeping over and do some cool activities. The camping involves the usage of the tent, cabin, motor home, or shelter. But with the SUP, it will be more vibrant and colorful.

It is a fantastic activity since you could use your SUP board to travel from one spot to another to find another camping site. With such complexities, you can also do many things with your SUP. Many people combine SUP camping with other activities like fishing, meditation, take a tour with on a paddleboard through Wailua Kauai river, and so on. No matter what your specific agenda, it is essential to consider that you and your group are all basically campers. Therefore, you will need to know the survival basics and guidelines on camping.

When it comes to camping, we don’t overlook the importance of backpacking. Backpacking for camping focuses on lighter weight items. Not to mention that you add SUP in your activity. That means the SUP board itself has put a lot of weight to your travel. So, you will want to bring the necessities and essential items. You don’t want to overweight your backpack with the things that you are not going to use in your Kauai river camping activities.

Make sure you bring the gear, equipment, and items you need. It will depend on the type of trip you are going to do with your group of friends or family. You will want to pack lower weight items to save energy.

Bring only the essentials like mattresses, sleeping bag, blanket, clothes for your activity, tents, tarps, foods, cooking utensils, fuels, insect repellant, and other necessary things.

Since you think that camping is only a few days or weeks, it does not mean that you can purchase cheap equipment and tents to save a few bucks. Make sure you buy the best quality equipment so that these can keep you from a lot of problems. It is much better to purchase the durable, high quality and long lasting camping gear that you can rely on. Last but not least, rent your SUP board in the best SUP rentals shop.