Stand Up Paddle-board Sport for Women

There is nothing much better than the combination of sports and recreation, isn’t it?! And that’s what you will get from sports SUP/Stand Up Paddle-board sport. This sport has attracted many enthusiasts from various countries and is one of the favorite water sports. What is this SUP sport? Shortly, Stand up paddle sport is one type of water sport that is done by standing and rowing on a surfboard. Men and women can do this favorite sport; no particular gender is required. Even parents and children can also do this paddle boarding in kauai sport. This exercise does not have to be done at sea, but anywhere that has a moving water surface with a large volume of water and sufficient depth to paddle. You can do SUP on the sea, river, lake or reservoir. Although it can be done in any water area, most people prefer to do it in the sea. To do this exercise, you only need to use a surfboard, paddle, and comfortable swimwear.

As mentioned earlier, this SUP sport can be done not only by men but also by women. Some of the advantages of this sport are:

– SUP is a water sport that is interesting and easy to learn even by women.

– Train balance and concentration.

– SUP is an activity that is very suitable for maintaining fitness and body shape. By doing SUP, you can burn up to 350 calories in one hour.

For women who want to start doing this SUP sport, there are a few tips that must be considered:

1. Look for experienced instructors to teach you.

Early learning is important because it will become the basis for the next lesson. Make sure you look for experienced instructors to teach you the basics in doing SUP correctly.

2. Look for a rented surfboard or borrow from a friend.

The price of surfboards is not low. For beginners who want to learn SUP, it’s good to rent or borrow from your friends to practice. Just rent the surfboard until you are proficient then you can buy a right surfboard afterward.

Stand up paddling sport is an excellent sport for women in maintaining their fitness. This sport is an activity that includes all members of the body in their movements. By doing SUP, you are equal to training your body’s muscles, such as the arm muscles, leg muscles, and abdominal muscles. SUP is a sport that can be carried out in a relaxed or extreme manner. If you want adrenaline-promoting exercise, you can do paddle boarding in kauai at sea. Conversely, if you’re going to exercise while doing refreshments and relax enjoying the scenery, you can do it in calmer waters such as rivers or lakes.