SUP At Night




No one will forbid you to do SUP at night in Kauai. The good thing here is that you can glow in the night so that you can do it safely without intervening other people. Here are some tips to consider when sup kauai at night.

The lighting

There are lights that you can get at any store to make your paddleboard glow at night. Not only for safety measure, but it will also allow you to see the marine life at the bottom of the sea in the night.

Yes, lights are mandatory. The state has pretty clear law about having the extra light on your SUP with you. The nighttime of the sup kauai activity can be great with the help of the sun.

Consider choosing the lightweight lights that are easy to set up so that it won’t take a long time until you enjoy SUP activity at night with your group. It does not matter about which kind of SUP board you are using; you will need to get the lights that can fit the SUP type. Chances are the rental owner could give you the right advice about the lighting thing.

The SUP Spot

It is also essential to pick a good location when paddle boarding at night. The local will ban you from paddling in the ocean at night because it is more dangerous with such limited visibility and threats underneath. The best locations to paddle at night are the lakes, harbors, and bays.

Get the buddy system

Don’t do it all alone. After all, you have your best friends or family to go with you. Never paddle board at night unless you have done the SUP for hundreds time. But even the professional SUP won’t take the slight risk to be alone out there. In the case of the emergency, your buddy system will save you from a lot of problems. It is better to be safe than sorry. If you are paddling with a small group, there’s a chance that some folks can’t withstand the thrills. You will need to use the buddy system to calm them down. As we know, not all beginners can be receptive with the idea of paddling in the night.

SUp at night indeed has a risk. But you can minimize it for good so that you and your group can SUp together without any problem.