SUP for Family Adventures


Do you want to SUP with your kids? Kauai sup rentals are definitely taking off in popularity. SUP itself has been one of the most recommended water sports that you need to try when you are in Kauai.


Now you are ready to go with your family. But have you already known to get into SUP safely with your family?


Key safety tips in SUp with family is the safety gear that is attached. You should keep in mind to check the leash in your group. You and your family should never paddle without the leash. As we know, Kauai water is friendly because you can find some spots which are quite. But it does not mean you can overlook to wear the leash. Presuming that you and your family follow the classes for SUP, your instructor will give you sensible reason why you need to wear leash even though you explore the quiet water.


The Transport US requires you to have PFD or life jacket. Most recent models of life jacket come with a whistle as a sound signaling device for an emergency. On your life jacket or PFD, you should carry the means of communication like a cell phone in a dry bag or HT. When you are on an adventure with your family, you need to let someone know where are you going. This will give you peace of mind in case of emergency.


If you are doing SUP with camping, that means you and your family will have longer trips. Prepare the dry bag that will fit under some bungee cords at the front of your SUP board. You will need to bring necessities such as kit spare clothes, rain jacket, first aid, insulated jacket, spare wetsuit. Don’t forget to carry some food and snacks.


You can’t go wrong with taking your whole family to a lesson before you paddle together. This will give you and your family solid basics of the SUP so that you can do this with confidence.


You can either bring your kids on the board or get sup rentals for your kids if they are old enough to paddle. Just make sure that your kids take the lessons first to have a solid skill set. It is always a great idea to stick together as a team. Don’t split up and do this alone. Determine the goals together so that your trip can be more efficient and responsible.