What Do You Think About Stereoactive for Your SUP Activity?




If you have been around doing some SUP tours, you’ve probably seen people who use the portable water sports active stereo to listen to their favorite music while paddling. When you ask around in board rentals, many people can confirm this trend. Well, here are the reasons why you will want to do the same.

Board Rentals for SUP Camping Tips





Are you planning to rent the board rentals for SUP camping with your group? You have probably planned for the next vacation. If you want to conduct the SUP camping, there are few things to consider in advance.

When you plan the overnight tour,  this encourages you to carefully pick the camping gear, test your skills, as well as paddling skills.

Fitness Tips for You before SUP


SUP activity is indeed demanding in many ways. It can be as much as the rigorous workout you usually do at the gym. Thus, fitness level should be carefully considered when you do this.

The good thing about the board rentals is that you can do your SUP tour at Kauai at your own pace and rest when you need without having to follow the folks’ regime.