Here Are Why Health Experts Recommend SUP for Health and Fitness

You may know the drills. Every tour agent will promote SUP as a great way to improve your health and fitness. But most of the times, they don’t explain the details. Well, here is why we are here to share the details with you. By the end of reading this article, you will be aware that SUP is the “one.”

SUP can burn calories naturally.…

Mistakes As SUP Beginners

It is hard to deny that being a beginner in hanalei bay paddle board rentals can be really difficult for some people. Well, just like other sports, it does have the learning curve that you will want to go through first before getting into the advanced mode. But you can rest assured that some mishaps and mistakes can be avoided when you are learning well.…

Ladies, Here is Why You Need to Consider Doing SUP





Many women who have been doing the SUP boarding for a while told the stories about how fun their experiences were. Besides the fantastic way to get the tones for their body, this activity can also help to build the confidence and the core strength.

As for the beginners or curious users, the SUP activity can be a bit not convincing.

Hanalei Bay Paddle Board Rentals – Is It Safe this Season?




If you are going to Hanalei bay and want to try paddling there,  you may wonder about purchasing new SUP board for you. The thing is that quality SUP costs thousands dollars. Not to mention that if you live overseas, that will be a problem to bring your solid SUP on a flight.