Kauai Paddle Boarding Storage Tips



Not everyone who rents or purchases the stand-up paddle board is lucky enough to be close to the water. Not all people also have the routine chance to use the water for kauai paddle boarding. whether you are living overseas, tropical, or temperate climate, you need to store your board properly to ensure that it stays in the firmest condition and ready for your next SUP journey.

Do You Really Need Caffeine for Kauai Paddle Boarding?


If you are planning to kauai paddle boarding, do you really need caffeine to get prepared? The topic about caffeine consumption before serious competitive sporting activity has been pretty much debated for years. Caffeine consumption has been very prevalent in endurance sports like SUP racing and SUP training. Not to mention that the regular users can also consider the caffeine intake to max out their performance.

The Essentials You Could Bring when Kauai Paddle Boarding




Without a doubt, kauai paddle boarding is a fun experience for all ages. It is the great way to sit back, relax, and enjoy your spare time with your special ones. The paddleboarding can also be the total work out experience. The popular cross-training activity has been contributing tons of benefits for all the participants.

What to Wear when Kauai Paddle Boarding SUP Fishing


One of the most memorable joys in kauai paddle boarding is the versatility of the activity. Paddling is not the only activity that you can do on board. If you love to fish, then SUP fishing can be a great idea to try something different this time. You will want to make sure that your upcoming trip is more awesome than before.

Is the Speed Important in  Kauai Paddle Boarding





The kauai paddle boarding  is a viable water activity for everyone regardless their age, gender, and their background. So, how are the professionals do out there? How can they be free from injury? What are their secrets? First things first, it will be a complete lie if they don’t have any injury.