Planning to SUP in Kauai? Read These Guidelines

Camping is already an excellent outdoor activity. When you combine it with SUP activity, it will be an attractive option for everyone in your group to have fun and make memories together. For camping, most campers can leave urban areas and escape. While you and your group are away from the crowd, you can enjoy nature while sleeping over and do some cool activities.…

Where in Kauai River Can I SUP with My Group?





SUP has quickly become the top-rated activities in the kauai river and surrounding area. It is one of the most fantastic ways for recreational purposes. For some sports lovers, it is also the most effective core strengthening water. If we may, we have tons of reasons why people would choose the SUP over other sports.

How to Sprint?




Paddling at the ideal pace can be a bit tricky for each. You may want to sprint so that you can race with your friends or family. Sprint off the kauai river, mid-race, or accelerating can improve your game. But if you are not a serious athlete, and you want to know how to sprint so that you can enjoy your leisure time, you are right to do so.

The Fishing Setup for Fishing in Kauai River



If you plant to have a SUP fishing in the kauai river,  you will need the perfect fishing setup to catch the fish of the day. As we know, fishing is relaxing. Only those with a passion which know about the irreplaceable excitement of fishing.

But let’s agree that finding the perfect SUP fishing setup can be a hard business, not a relaxing one.