Stand Up Paddle-board Sport for Elders

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a sport that is relatively easy for anyone to do. The health benefits gained from paddleboarding also are amazing! This SUP sport is a perfect family activity done in the summer, and you can do it together with family members. Stand Up Paddleboarding, or what we call SUP, is a sport that has many benefits for our body.…

The Reason Why You Can’t Miss SUP Activity in Kauai

Believe it or not, one of the reasons why you would return to Kauai in the next holiday is the kauai stand up paddle board activity. It is not a new thing anymore that the water sports have been dominating the top-tiered activities. Kauai is where the paddle boarding is much trending, and its existence is vital for the travel world.…

Hard SUP or Inflatable SUP?



When it comes to kauai stand up paddle board, there’s been a long debate between the hard SUP fans and ISUP fans. It might be the first consideration that you will think for a long time when you rent SUP board for you and your group. Before deciding, you could come across this valuable information that will probably help you to determine what board you pick.

How to Prepare Your Strength Conditioning When Paddle Boarding in Kauai


If you are planning to do kauai stand up paddle board around the corner, then you will need to prepare your fitness level to do this thing. Whether you are average SUP users or serious SUP users, it is important to consider the paddle boarding strength conditioning.

During the off-season or your weekdays, you may have plenty of time to exercise.

SUP Camping – What Do You Think About Insects as Food?






You have planned your kauai stand up paddle board camping activity well and been confident that you can make it with your friends. You may say that you don’t need any forage at all because you have stored enough food for weeks even month. While it might be true, there are some situations that you might need to clarify.

Kauai Stand Up Paddle Board – How Many Calories Burned when You Paddle?




Many people promoted that the activities of kauai stand up paddle board can be very beneficial for health and fitness. Well, it is very true. The thing is that you may have such specific question. And that question make you in the middle of confusion about how effective it is for your weight loss or diet.