Prepare to Kauai Stand Up Paddle Board Race!


If you have been paddling for a while, chances are you want more thrilling experiences in Kauai. If you think so, then the kauai stand up paddle board race is one for you. SUP racing will encourage you to push to your limit while you earn something in return.


As we know, the kauai stand up paddle board is one of the most memorable activities when traveling to Kauai.

The First Time in Kauai Stand Up Paddle Board? Learn the Stability First


If it is your first time to kauai stand up paddle board, there are a lot of things to consider. You’ll consider about applying SUP lessons, booking tickets, booking hotels, and more importantly, choosing the SUP.


Since it is your first time, you need to make sure that you do it right so that you won’t be deterred by the first bad experience.

Kauai Stand Up Paddle Board – Everyone Can Get on Board!



If you are planning to go to Hanalei with your family, then everyone can get on board. Like board on the river. Boarding with kauai stand up paddle board is an awesome way to spend your valuable time with your family in Kauai.


If you haven’t tried this balance-related sport before, then you will have a great impression once you try it.