The SUP Romantic Ideas




What’s better than paddle board tours  with your special one? The Sunset paddleboarding with your best friend is a great way to spend the particular time together and give thanks to the world. Besides the conventional approach to enjoying the SUP, you can do creative things with your significant other such as:

SUP Picnic

The great picnic by the water is breaking the old-fashioned way.

When You Purchase SUP Paddle


Purchasing a good quality paddle board might not be in your next plan because you are not living by the water. However, not the least, individuals have the great idea of purchasing paddle for the upcoming paddle board tours. If you are going to do this many times in the future, buying the best paddle on the market does not hurt at all.…

The Right Volume for the Paddle Board Tours




When picking the boards for your upcoming paddle board tours, you might wonder what the best volume for the stability and acceleration is. When it comes to the volume of the board, that will depend on how you are going to use the SUP boards. For instance, you will want to have the board for the stability or to train; then the more prominent and more full board is a great option.

Planning to SUP with Your Kids? Here Are How You Can Enjoy it With Them!



When you plan paddle board tours with kids, some folks may be deterred with the facts that kids are hyperactive, naughty, reckless, and so on. Well, you might agree with them. But kids can be fun! Moreover, you don’t have to back off from your plan just because other people speaking ill about kids.

What’s Better when You Do Paddle Board Tours?

SUP board is one of the best workouts in Hawaii that requires you to get into a bikini or surf-shorts when doing it. It tends to be the most popular sport in Hawaii because all people can do it regardless of their gender and ages. Thats why you will often see the paddle board tours that involve the whole family member or group of friends.