What You Need to Know About Paddle Board Shapes



When you are planning to do paddle boarding in kauai, you might be in the middle of choosing the all-around and touring SUP board. Any decision made when you rent or purchase a paddleboard might be overwhelming. From the size to size of your budget, from the mediums, from the flat water to the ocean, many other factors.

How Many Exercise Sessions Per Week for Endurance Paddle Boarding in Kauai?




Whether you are a regular sport man or serious SUP users, you may have some off season. It can be because of your work, or other possible activities. When it comes to paddle boarding in kauai, it can be a bit tricky. When the tour or race season approaches, you feel the obligation to develop your health and fitness to prepare yourself to participate in the fun activity.

Paddle Boarding in Kauai – Fishing Tips to Know


The paddleboarding in Kauai while fishing is not simply about casting your bait and waiting for the fish to get hooked. It is an art which comes with tons of challenges. You might have experience in fishing, or SUP, separately. But when you combine these activities together, it can be a new thing for you.

Paddling with Your Four-Legged Buddy in 2018



If you are planning to do paddle boarding in kauai with your pup, you will need to use some tips because it can be a daunting thing to do. Sure paddle boarding with your dog looks so easy since you have seen the videos on Youtube and instagram. But it is not merely doable by everyone who does not have experience.