Stand Up Paddle-board Sport for Men

Stand Up Paddle-board is a sport that originated in Hawaii in the 60s. Paddling is a form of modification of surfing. The difference is surfing relies on the thrust that comes from the waves, while when paddling you are required to paddle to make your paddleboard move. Stand Up Paddle Board sport is a type of activity that is classified as extreme by challenging waves as long as possible and standing on surfing while rowing.…

Paddle Boarding Kauai Rental that Will Make Your Trip More Exciting

When you and your family are going to Kauai in the upcoming vacation, you will want to add the SUP to enhance the good advantages in exploring the nature of the area. There are thousands of exciting activities that can be done in Kauai. Camping, sunset, exploration, and other kinds of adventure can make your visit more memorable.…

What to Expect in the SUP Fitness Programs






The outdoor activities can enhance ones’ life in the most magical way. One of the best water sports that you can do this time is the SUP fitness programs. For many people out there, paddle boarding kauai is just for a recreation purpose, and they don’t have the intention to do that routinely.

Protect Your Joints when Paddle Boarding Kauai




For some people, the paddle boarding kauai can be a demanding activity for the physic. Well, we know what they said about SUP that it was a low impact sport. However, it can have top challenges when you SUP surf to beat the waves.

Of course, when you improve your game, you will also need to strengthen your physic.

The Risk of Low Back Pain when You SUP



Despite the many great things about SUP, we can’t neglect that the kind of sport can pose a risk to injury or kinds of pain. For most folks, paddle boarding kauai can be a bit rigorous if they choose more challenging spots to beat.

For instance, if you plan for long distance flat water racing, you can’t make the same preparation as a day short distance tour.