Go Snorkeling and SUP – Is It Possible to Do It in Kauai?

One of the best things about Kauai is that you will not find the hectic business or malls here. Well, although you see some amusement parks, the soothing experience is total here. If we cite the experience in Kauai as vacation, we might be underestimating the Kauai offers. In most of the times, it is a paradise.…

Before Renting One, You Need to Know the Shapes of Your Board





When exploring the SUP options in the paddle boarding rentals shop, you will want to know which board is the most suitable for you and your group members. Two shapes are standard in the market. The form of the board can determine how you are going to use the SUP board on the Kauai water.

What Do You Think About Lake Paddle Boarding?




SUP has natural learning curves that anyone can pass. Just like in any other sport, you will want to start with the most basic first. Lake paddle boarding is a common way for SUP beginners to get their first practice. For all beginners, it is essential to train in the calmest environments so that they will have the perfect grounds when they want to improve their game.

SUP Renting Guide



If it is your first time in paddle boarding rentals, you will want to read this until the finish. There are few things to consider before renting a stand-up paddleboard for you and your family or friend. Sometimes, it can be a daunting task to do because you have no idea what kind of SUP board that is perfect for the specific occasion.