Consider To Avoid This Mistake




You may have been doing the paddleboards for rent activity for a while. That means you have been learning a few basics. But it does not always guarantee that you won’t make any mistake when paddling. When it comes to paddle strokes, it can be tricky.

One of the common mistakes is when you lower your top hand too much during the recovery or exit stage of the strokes.

Enjoy the SUP Trip with Someone Special



To make your love life more colorful and happier, it does not hurt to have a unique vacation in Kauai. Then you could share the passion for SUP that will enhance your connection for one another. The paddleboards for rent will help you to make it happen. Choose the boards for you and your lover, find the best spot, and enjoy your time together.

What SUP Can Do Good for Your Health






It is a great idea that paddleboards for rent would be the first thing that you will do before your SUP tours. However, there is also an important thing to do prior to the plan itself. It is about your balance and stamina tests.


Without a doubt, the SUP has been such fast-growing water sport that everybody loves to do it for many reasons.

Paddleboards for Rent – For Exercises or Recreations?




There have been the debates between those who consider the paddleboards for rent for serious exercises and those who are just having fun.

When we look back at the history, we can agree that it is originated from Hawaii. Within the Polynesian triangle, the strong Hawaiian heritage dictates that this new sport is a popular activity for both purposes.