Procure Navigation without A GPS



Is it possible not to use any GPS in your stand up paddle board trips with your group? The answer is YES and NO. It is possible if you know how to boat navigate without the GPS. As we know, some people in your group might be interested in enjoying the natural thrill when they explore the river and sea without the sophisticated technology.

The Lessons of Stand Up Paddle Board




The good thing about stand up paddle board trips is that the learning curve is long enough to make your journey more interesting. If you have been playing around, you probably want to improve your skills and bring your SUP experience to the whole new level. You can always take the SUP lessons in the new exciting sport.

What to Buy or Rent for A Successful Stand-Up Paddle Board Trips



The stand up paddle board trips have been one of the most favorite activities in Hawaii because of its minimalist characteristic. However, just like any other sport, gear does matter. If you are serious about your upcoming trips, it is imperative to choose the equipment that is proper for you and your group.

Stand Up Paddle Board Trips –  These Tips Will Help You Getting Better At SUP Fishing



It is not a new thing anymore that stand up paddle board trips can be done alongside the other activities that people are fond of. You may agree that we always need to improve the hobbies or interests we like.


When it comes to the fishing game, you will want to improve your deals with the SUP fishing.

The Tips to Store Your SUP



Are you planning the great stand up paddle board trips for the next holiday? Whether you are spending the vacation time with your family or friends, or do it alone, you may want to rent it early and store it in your hotel room or vacation home.

You know that you will stand on the board and paddle your way to the water of Kauai and challenge yourself to the new places.