Have You Ever Tried SUP Surf?

Many surfers always want to find new ways to enjoy the waves. If you are considering your passion, you might want to try to enjoy the waves with different type of board. He Surf SUP board is different from the conventional SUP board. It is narrower and thinner. The design of the SUP surf is made by the manufacturers to maximize the performances that can support the sup rentals surfing activity.…

Simple Safe SUP Tips for You


Are you planning to get the sup rentals? SUP activity is all fun for family, friends, and groups. Well, it will be fun if you don’t overlook the importance of the safety. The ocean, river, lake and pond in Kauai can be dangerous spots. Although SUP is a safe and sound sport, you will want to respect the nature and rules to get such a wonderful experience with your friends.…

The Important of Cooler for SUP


After picking the best SUP from your favorite sup rentals, you would then think about different kind of  items that you need to bring. Amongst them, have you added the cooler for your SUP?

Of course, some folks do not need it because they won’t fish while SUP. Having the cooler on your SUP is not only about supporting the fishing applications.

Inflatable Sup Rentals Benefits




If you are wondering about the perks of inflatable sup rentals, you have come to the right place. It is not a new thing anymore that folks are convinced to go to sup rentals to find the best board for them. Stand Up Paddle boarding is considered as one of the most interesting water sports conducted in the north shore of Kauai.