SUP Wailua Stand Up

SUP Wailua boarding offers surfers the ability to catch more waves in a set

SUP Wailua Stand Up


SUP Wailua boarding offers surfers the ability to catch more waves in a set, as well as offering a better view of incoming sets (ocean waves they may want to ride that are approaching from the sea).…

SUP Rental Kauai Stand Up

Imagine a sport that can be a relaxing cruise along the coastline taking in the wild-life, a thorough cardiovascular work-out or a heart pounding adrenaline ride in equal measure – and you’ll know what’s SUP Rental Kauai. Stand up paddleboarding, or paddlesurfing, is the latest adrenaline water sport to hit the U.K…

Rental Kauai SUP

Kauai SUP Rental boards are exactly that, you blow them up

Rental Kauai SUPThe final dimension you should pay attention to is weight. Most boards are plenty sturdy for anyone who weighs 200lbs (90kg) or less. If you’re heavier than that, or you’re trying to double avoid the Kauai SUP Rental. Which leads us into our next point, construction.

Paddle Kauai Stand Up

Stand Up Paddle Kauai boards allow as well as they can harm

Paddle Kauai Stand Up

Paddle Boards are a serious investment and you’ll want to make sure you’re fully committed before you pull the trigger. The main specs that you’ll want to pay attention to are width, length, weight and construction. You’ll notice that all of these components tie into one another.…

Boarding Kauai Paddle

Kauai Paddle Boarding the all-natural temptation is to look down at the board

Boarding Kauai Paddle

A guided kayak tour on flat water is an excellent introduction to Kauai Paddle Boarding. The trip starts with just enough instruction to get you going and makes kayaking an easy and fun experience for everyone. Along the way, you’re likely to learn much more about kayaking and your guide should be happy to answer your questions and offer additional instruction to anyone who is interested in trying out alone.…

Wailua SUP Kauai

Stand up Paddle boarding has exploded all over in the last few years

The ultimate is getting out on the Kauai side and into the waves. For starters paddling out can be a challenge. Pick a day with smaller waves like 1-2 feet and paddle straight out the harder you paddle the faster you get out.…

Sup Paddle Boarding Kauai

Flat water Stand Up Paddling is really quite easy

Sup Paddle Boarding Kauai

The sport of SUPing also know as stand up paddling, stand up paddleboarding and stand paddle surfing adds a twist to the classic sport of surfing. Make the board much bigger and easier to balance on, then add Paddle Boarding Kauai.…

Best SUP Boards Kauai

Best SUP Boards Kauai also commonly referred to as SUP

Best SUP Boards KauaiThis kind of paddling is as the name suggests a paddling position in which the paddler enjoys the activity in a standing position. When surfing was incepted, the instructors would use the standing position as a simple way of keeping a watchful eye on their students or clients.…